Maddie at Sodexo in Guildford

Madeline Crosskey, from Farnham, has autism and ADHD. She’d been working on placement at a hospital in Guildford before being offered a permanent job with Sodexo.

Maddie started out serving staff in the restaurant but now works on the wards and serves patients. Maddie now goes into patients’ rooms, takes food orders, delivers food trays, helps with fruit preparation in the kitchen and operates the pot wash area.

Maddie was thrilled to be offered a permanent job at Sodexo as it has given her more financial stability and a role where she feels comfortable both in her duties and with her colleagues.

Her manager, Carol Forrest said:

Maddie was shy initially, but it was obvious to me that there was more to her than she was being given credit for. Maddie had not previously been given the chance to find out what she enjoyed or was good at as previously people only saw her disability.
My approach was to talk to Maddie just as I would anyone else in my team and take time to answer questions and explain things if she didn’t understand. Maddie was put on a full-time contract, gained confidence and flourished. The patients love her!

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