What hospitality has to offer

Kate Nicholls, CEO for UK Hospitality, talks about the hospitality sector and the different opportunities available.

The hospitality sector is a fantastic, vibrant, and dynamic place to work. While for many our sector can provide short-term employment providing a way to hone important skills, there are great opportunities to forge a long and exciting career. 

The hospitality sector is diverse in workforce and reach. Not only diverse in gender, with the industry employing more women than men, it also has the potential to cater for different lifestyles and ages. That means you can find a rewarding and exciting position in the sector, whatever your circumstances.

Working in the hospitality sector is so much more than pulling pints or serving meals. The range of jobs on offer is one of the widest in any sector. Working in hospitality can mean a career in finance, marketing, management, HR, food and drink, and much more.

In our sector, you always have the opportunity to learn more to build upon your skills and experience. We promote transferable skills and encourage our team members to achieve more. In hospitality, you can begin your career collecting glasses or washing dishes, but in a few short years be running your own kitchen, your own venue and, in no time, your own portfolio of business.

We pride ourselves in offering opportunities, encouraging employees to develop their skills and take advantage of the training on offer. For those wishing to learn as they earn, the sector also offers a broad range of apprenticeships. Laying the foundation for a long and rewarding career in the sector, hospitality apprenticeships provide not-to-be-missed opportunities to learn transferable skills that can be honed and applied in other sectors. Growth in the sector is expected to continue in the next few years, with up to 200,000 apprenticeship places available.

A true meritocracy, the hospitality sector is inclusive and offers positions at all levels in every region of the UK. There is no limit to what driven and ambitious team members with the will to succeed can achieve. 

UK Hospitality promote the hospitality sector and share best practice. They represent the broad hospitality sector that covers hotels, nightclubs, visitor attractions, and other leisure venues.

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