How to prepare for a job interview in an engineering company

Preparing for job interviews can really help keep nerves at bay and help you make a great impression. Ruth Hancock, Operating Director at Michael Page, shares her top tips for preparing for an engineering interview.

Job interviews can be nerve-wracking. Taking time to prepare can help you make a great first impression with a prospective employer and help to reduce your anxiety.

Read on for simple steps you can take before an interview to ensure that you stand out as an ideal candidate.

If you are unsure on the correct dress code, there in no harm in asking beforehand. For engineering jobs, you could be asked to attend an interview that takes place at an engineering site, so you may need to come prepared with safety shoes.

Prepare your interview questions and answers in advance and be sure to take time to think about your achievements over the last few years; what have you been involved in? What part did you play? And what was the outcome?

You should always research your potential employer in advance. Another tip is to make a list of questions that you may have for them. This is a good way of showing that you are keen to join their organisation.

Soft skills can include things like problem solving, how you work with other people, and team work. When interviewing for a new engineering job, many people tend to focus all their energy on promoting their technical skills. Many employers carefully evaluate soft skills to find the most suitable person for the position and their organisation.

An interview is an excellent opportunity for employers to assess your verbal communication style. It is important that you answer interview questions in a clear and concise manner using the right language for the right audience. If a technical engineer is interviewing you, then it is OK to use technical terminology; however, if you are being interviewed by someone in HR, it's best to steer clear of language they may not be familiar with.

Always remember to stay calm and proactively try to sell yourself as an ideal candidate for the role. You can demonstrate this by providing examples of past work challenges that you have been faced with and describing how you overcame them.

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