Starting a new career?

National Careers Service advisor Rosy shares her tips for starting a new job.

It’s important to be ready for everything that comes with a new career — from remembering countless names to bringing your National Insurance documents. We spoke to National Careers Service advisor Rosy, to find out her tips for starting a new job.

Being prepared will help you prevent any first-day nerves — make sure you know your route to work (and have a back-up plan) and decide what to wear in advance. You can ask about the dress code, but remember it’s better to be over-dressed than too casual.

Another way to prepare is to do some research on the company and the industry. People will ask you about what you’re most interested in, and having background knowledge will help you show your enthusiasm.

We all know employers are more and more likely to look at our online profiles as part of the recruitment process, but your new colleagues will probably want to check out your tweets too.

Ahead of your first day, look through your social media and delete or archive any posts, comments, or pictures that portray you as unprofessional. Don’t be afraid of having a personality online though — it’s important to show your interests and hobbies.

When you start in a new role, your line manager or HR team might need certain paperwork, like your passport or National Insurance documents. These might be used to set up your employee records or carry out a Disclosure and Barring Service (DBS) check. As part of your first day prep, get any necessary paperwork in your bag.

Another way to prevent nerves is to ask your new line manager about what to expect for your first day. It’s likely you’ll spend a lot of time reading the staff handbook and any other important information. This should give you an idea of how the organisation works, your role within the team, and the other key people you’ll work with.

You may also have mandatory training and induction meetings. Asking what to expect ahead of time will help you reduce the number of surprises you might have on the day.

You’ll meet countless people, and be asked lots about where you’ve come from and what team you’ve joined. Remember to smile — you don’t know how closely you’ll be working with the people you’ve met.

It’s also invaluable to ask thoughtful questions, to get advice and first-hand knowledge while showing you’re committed to getting things right from the outset.

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