Top Tips for Getting an Apprenticeship

An apprenticeship is a real job, with hands-on experience, a salary and the chance to train while you work.

There are hundreds of different apprenticeships to choose from. Whether you’re at the start of your career, want to change career direction, or you’re returning to work after a break, these are my top tips for getting an apprenticeship.

Think about where you would like to work, and what sort of role you would like to do. Do you think you would prefer to work in a multi-national organisation, or a small business?

What do you enjoy doing? This can give you a really good idea of what apprenticeship role would suit you.

Nestle have 10 different apprenticeship roles available, including Food Manufacturing, Supply Chain, Engineering and Packaging. We advertise our vacancies on Amazing Apprenticeships, Allaboutschoolleavers, Tasty Careers and Find an apprenticeship.

To find apprenticeships at other companies you can use Find an apprenticeship to search for vacancies in your area.

You can search by keyword (job role, occupation type or apprenticeship level) and by location. In addition, the vacancy snapshot at has more information on a selection of well-known employers.

Once the right job comes up, you can simply register on the website and follow the step by step instructions to apply for the role.

Research the company and understand what it is trying to achieve, and how the role you are applying for supports this.

At Nestle, our recruitment process is designed to find out if you have the strengths and values we are looking for. It includes Online Tests, Strength Based Video Interviews, and a day at our Assessment Centre. Other employers will be different, but you will be told in advance what the recruitment process involves.

Almost all recruitment will include some sort of interview. Make sure you show your enthusiasm and be yourself. Apprenticeship employers are looking for potential. The training provided with your apprenticeship will enable you to develop your job-specific skills, but there is no substitute for passion and energy.

Applying for an apprenticeship could be the first step in to the world of work, a chance to upskill or change career completely. An apprenticeship is an excellent opportunity to follow your passions and blaze your own trail. Good luck!

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If you’re looking for a new role more broadly, visit the Find a Job portal for vacancies in your area. For more advice and real-life stories, check out the My Way In website.